Benefits of a Rollator for a Mobility Assisted Lifestyle

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Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator

The importance of maintaining an active lifestyle and having a sense of independence has motivated older adults and people with mobility issues to remain active. When mobility is limited, a person’s confidence and ability to manage everyday situations is affected, and they may increasingly become dependent on mobility aids and services.

A mobility aid such as a rollator walker has many advantages for people who need a walker and whose circumstances allow the use of one. Rollators are usually recommended when the user needs minimal support. They are typically innovative, modern and fashionable.

Depending on the type, a rollator has three or four wheels and is available in a variety of sizes, from petite to heavy duty, to support individual weight capacity. A rollator’s features make it a convenient mobility aid that offers support,  ease of use, safety and more:

  • Wheels. Rollators come with wheels instead of legs that allow them to easily move along in front of a person without forcing him/her to lift it up with every step and reduces tiredness.
  • Safe hand brakes. Lightly squeezing the handle on every model easily applies the innovative brake as needed. Most models also have a parking brake that keeps the brake applied indefinitely.
  • Compact, portable design. Rollators are designed to be convenient, lightweight and compact to fold in tight spaces. They move around with the individual, and the cords and wires that connect the brake to the wheels are often located inside the frame and won’t get caught on anything.
  • Height- A rollator with a tall frame promotes easier breathing, energy levels and maneuverability. Its handgrips with adjustable height settings allow it to be used on many terrains and to match the user’s comfort and stability needs.
  • Cushioned seat. Taking a comfortable seated rest break allows an individual to take a rest when feeling fatigued and recover quicker to maintain mobility longer.
  • All-terrain wheels. Many models have all-terrain wheels which allow an easy transition between moving around outdoors and indoors. Rollator wheels also are generally made of a non-marking material that won’t cause the wheels won’t to scuff up floors.
  • Frame-based basket. The basket offers the opportunity to bring along personal items and/or medical items.
  • Cost effective. Rollators are cost effective in comparison to similar equipment. When deciding on a walking aid, prices vary greatly across a wide variety of products.

A rollator can be an affordable option for a variety of disabilities. If you need to purchase a rolling walker and are not sure which one is the best for you, a loved one or a home care patient, contact or visit a Carmichael’s location for more information. We offer rollators designed by reputable brand names such as NOVA, Stander and Drive Medical. We also carry accessories such as baskets, pouches and mobility bags.

Work with your doctor or a physical therapist, who can give you a written prescription for your mobility aid. Educate yourself about the features of your device so you can make an informed decision. Our billing specialists can check whether medical insurance will cover a mobility aid with a doctor’s prescription, and you can test a few rollators in-store.


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