Oral supplements are the first defense against malnutrition and decreased albumin (protein) levels. Ensuring adequate caloric and protein intake increases a patient’s ability to fight infection, decreases hospitalization and speeds healing and recovery times. Carmichael’s has experienced licensed pharmacists and technicians on staff working closely with the primary caregiver to provide the patient with proper nutritional intake.

We offer one if not the largest selections of oral products available in our service area. Many products come in a variety of flavors. We carry a wide variety of nutritional supplements to ensure better compliance and tolerance and to reduce the chance of taste fatigue. Products supplied by Carmichael’s include quality brands and distributors such as, among others, Abbott, Llorens Pharmaceutical, Medical Specialties Distributors, Global Health Products and Kate Farms, and includes, but is not limited to, the following products:

  • Milk-based beverages
  • Juice-based beverages
  • Clear liquid beverages
  • Puddings
  • Protein powders
  • Milk allergy products

At Carmichael’s, patient involvement and feedback is encouraged and welcomed. Our oral supplements service line is accredited by The Joint Commission. In addition, our reputable customer service makes it easier for patients to obtain the nutritional supplements they need.

Prescribing Information:

Carmichael’s makes the prescribing process easy with customer friendly service and the knowledge base of our highly trained staff. We can verify and provide insurance coverage information. With a physician’s qualifying referral, Carmichael’s can bill Medicaid, Medicare and the majority of private insurance companies for a patient.

Purchasing Information:

An individual may purchase oral nutritional supplements by contacting a Carmichael’s representative. Generally, products will be shipped directly to your residence from our in-house UPS station within one to three days.

Please contact a Carmichael’s representative to discuss any enteral and oral nutritional products needs or to request additional information.