Talk About Your Medicines with Carmichael’s Pharmacists

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Carmichael’s pharmacists work with healthcare providers to promote safe and appropriate medicine use by patients, establishing long-term relationships with trusted communication. The purpose of this blog post is to share U.S. Food & Drug Administration tips for talking with them to learn how to use your medicines safely.

Ask your Pharmacist

Check with a Carmichael’s pharmacist to see whether your prescribed drug is correct for the condition you have. If it is not, the pharmacist or a certified pharmacy technician can clarify with your physician. Here are a few questions to ask:


  • How does this medicine work and what is it used for?
  • How do I pronounce the name of my medicine? Does it go by any other name(s)? What are the brand and generic (non-brand) names?
  • Are there any cheaper options? Is a generic available? Are there any co-pay assistance coupons?
  • Are there any special directions for taking this medicine?
  • Should I avoid any other medicines, dietary supplements, drinks, foods, activities, or other things? Do I have to space this medicine out from any other medicines or food?
  • Does this medicine contain any ingredients I am allergic to?
  • What are the serious side effects? What do I do if I observe any?
  • How and where should I store this medicine? What should I do if I left it in a hot car?
  • When should I throw out this medicine? When does it expire?
  • Is there a medication guide or other patient information for this medicine?

Tell your Pharmacist

Make sure that your phone number and home address are current with Carmichael’s Pharmacy in case the pharmacist or the certified pharmacy technician has any questions for you or if there are any issues. Notify them of any changes to your insurance plan too. Additional information to share include:

  • Every medicine you use, especially if you use multiple pharmacies, and any changes to your medicines, including those you have stopped taking.
  • If you have had any allergic reaction or problem with any medicines, dietary supplements, food, medical devices or other medical treatments.
  • Any medical conditions you have or have had, including any abnormal lab results.
  • Anything that could affect your use of medicine, such as trouble with swallowing, reading small labels, understanding English, remembering to take your medicine, distinguishing the look of one medicine from another, paying for medicines, or transportation to and from the pharmacy.
  • If you plan to start or have started something new, such as a new medicine, supplement, diet, or exercise regime.
  • If you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed.

Before you leave the Pharmacy

Make sure you have the right medicine, know the right dose and how to use it. If you notice anything different, ask a Carmichael’s pharmacist to verify. For liquid medicine, the pharmacist will give you a measuring spoon, cup, or syringe to ensure the right dosage. Have any information the pharmacist gave you about the medicine. Get Carmichael’s Pharmacy’s phone number and business hours if you do not have that information already, so you can call back for any questions or refills.

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