Squeeze Balls are NOT Just Stress Relievers

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Squeeze balls are probably familiar objects to you. Sure, you may have tossed them aside after receiving them at health fairs, promotional business events or parties. But, did you know that they are not only used as stress relievers? Although squeeze exercises can conveniently release tension anywhere from the home to an office setting, they are used to treat other conditions too.

Your hands and wrists can become weak from conditions such as arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a sprain or overuse. Squeezing a stress ball can help restore strength to your hands and wrists and boosts blood circulation. Stress balls are available in various levels of resistance, making them prime for light muscle training. They also help stimulate your brain, which releases endorphins, hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system that can act as a mood enhancer or pain reliever. Stress balls may be used as tools for meditation and physical therapy, too.

Squeeze balls commonly target flexors in your hands and wrists. They are beneficial for athletes because they improve overall wrist strength and health. Squeezing the ball results in muscle tension followed by muscle relaxation after release. Repeatedly this exercise releases significant muscle tension and helps to relieve stress.

Your quality of life improves when stress and tension decrease, allowing you to sleep better, be healthier and have a better sense of well-being. When you feel like letting out some steam calming your nerves, working on improving hand strength for everyday tasks, or athletics, you can grab a squeeze ball. They are easy to carry around in pockets or handbags, or tuck away in your office desk drawer. Always consult with a physician before treating stress or injuries on your own. If you are searching for a squeeze ball suitable for you, contact or visit any Carmichael’s retail location. We have a great selection of reputable brand squeeze balls in a variety of sizes.

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