Relax and Realign with a Leg Pillow

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Did you know that having a good posture improvement plan does not apply to just sitting and standing? It is also important while sleeping, in order to prevent posture-related neck and back pain, especially if you are a side sleeper. Uncomfortable sleep positions cause people to wake more frequently, thereby impacting their mood and the ability to function. Although a supportive mattress to keep your spine properly aligned at night is recommended, you may benefit from the use of a leg (or knee) pillow.

Key Benefits of a Leg Pillow

A leg pillow made of memory foam maintains its shape overnight. It offers comfort, reduces muscle tension and promotes a good night’s sleep. Irregular sleeping patterns cause back aches and pains, but using a leg pillow will help correct an unsupported posture of the legs, neck, shoulders and spine. A leg pillow enables you to raise and align those parts of your body and alleviate the pain in your back and spine.

Your lower back, hips and pelvis are relieved of stress or pressure with a leg pillow because it keeps your knees apart. Using a memory foam leg pillow raises your upper legs during sleep and improves blood circulation. Another benefit of using a leg pillow is that it helps prevent friction of your knees as you sleep. A leg pillow also provides pregnant women with good leg and knee support, too!

How To Use a Leg Pillow

People adopt various sleeping positions, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to maintaining proper alignment while in bed. However, leg pillows may be used in the following ways to promote proper posture:

  • Back sleepers. Place the pillow under the knees to help prevent the back from arching and reduce the stress placed on the lumbar spine.
  • Side sleepers.Place the pillow between the knees in order to keep the hips adequately spaced.
  • Stomach sleepers.Place the pillow under the hips to remove stress from the lower back.

Buying a Good Leg Pillow

When purchasing a good leg pillow, consider one for multi-purpose use such as sleeping or relaxing. You also should consult with your doctor if you have specific needs. Purchase a reputable brand leg pillow to ensure that you are buying a quality product; check online reviews. The staff at Carmichael’s retail locations can help you select a leg or knee pillow suitable for your posture improvement needs and budget. We also offer foam wedge pillows for side sleepers too. Contact or visit a Carmichael’s location today for more information or to check out our complete line of sleep aids.


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