How to Clean and Sanitize Your CPAP Machine Equipment

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If you are a sleep apnea patient, the importance of cleaning and sanitizing your CPAP machine equipment cannot be overemphasized. You protect yourself and your CPAP machine equipment when you maintain it properly. Improper maintenance of your machine and supplies can lead to bacteria growth, causing equipment breakdown other illnesses and symptoms. A stench may also develop that results in you not using your CPAP machine regularly.

Your CPAP machine may run from seven to nine hours per night if you are getting the recommended amount of sleep. Air passes through your machine, making its way to your nose after traveling through the filter, tube and mask. The air goes back into your CPAP equipment with moisture from your body when you exhale, so your supplies become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

If you prefer a more convenient method of cleaning your CPAP machine equipment, CPAP cleaner machines are available to clean and sanitize your machine supplies without using water or chemicals. You just place your tube, mask and reservoir inside of the device, and let the cleaning begin. If you prefer the traditional method of cleaning your supplies with your hands, you must clean them carefully and thoroughly.

The most basic and important step of cleaning your CPAP machine equipment is rinsing them with water. Some cleaning and sanitizing products may be used too, but you should check your instruction manual first. Next, let your supplies dry properly and make sure that any remaining water in the tube can drip out. If you want to try the recommendation of cleaning your tube with equal parts vinegar and soapy water, refer back to your instruction manual to find out which products you should use.

CPAP cleaning wipes also conveniently help keep your CPAP mask and accessories clean and sanitized on a daily basis by removing facial oils and residue that can build up. These wipes are usually high quality, made from pure cotton and are alcohol and latex free. They remove the facial oils build up from the mask. A CPAP mask with facial oil buildup on it will not seal properly and may compromise your air therapy.

Although CPAP masks and tubes are not designed to last forever, cleaning and sanitizing your CPAP equipment will help your machine and accessories function properly for a long time. You also should replace your mask and tubes at least yearly. Your CPAP filter should be changed more often if your device does not have a reusable filter. You also want to make sure that you avoid electrocuting yourself by unplugging your CPAP machine from the power outlet before sanitizing it. Whether unplugged or not, never submerge the device in water.

When shopping for products that allow you to clean your CPAP machine equipment quickly, purchase recommended items listed in your device user instruction manual. Carmichael’s locations in Crowley, Lafayette and Lake Charles, Louisiana provide a wide variety of CPAP devices, CPAP cleaning and sanitizing machines, masks, mask wipes and much more to patients with sleep apnea. Our representatives also coordinate the prescribed therapy with the patient’s physician and train the patient and caregiver in the correct usage of the equipment. Contact a Carmichael’s representative to discuss any respiratory therapy equipment products and supplies needs or to request additional information.

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