Back Support Essentials for Road Trips

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Upgrade your summer road trips with NOVA back support pillows and cushions! Whether you are enjoying the ride as the driver or passenger, back support products designed for travel can help align your neck, back and hips, and improve your posture while sitting in an upright position. A seat cushion also will support your posture and lower back. A good posture is difficult to maintain when sitting for long periods of time such as driving for hours to a destination. A back support pillow helps to correct your posture and reduce the weight and pressure off your lower back, redistributing it evenly. Additional benefits include improving your ability to better focus on the road and reducing fatigue levels.

The NOVA Back Cushion comes with a reusable hot/cold pack for hot or cold therapy. This innovative back cushion is made of foam, can be used without the hot/cold pack and comes with an adjustable strap to secure the cushion to a car seat. The cover also is zipper removable and washable.

The NOVA Easy Air Seat is a cushion that you can control and change its pressure. It is lightweight, features an adjustable air foam combination and automatically re-inflates with no pump required. It also has an air release valve that allows the cushion to be a custom fit, and its zippered, breathable mesh cover is washable.

The NOVA Travel Neck Pillow is made of memory foam and features a soft velour cover. It will provide a comfortable experience whether you are awake or sleeping en route. This travel pillow is a great solution for relaxation on the go, and it limits the discomfort often associated with sleeping upright.

Back Care Tips While Driving

Use the following pointers to prevent or decrease back pain while driving:

  • Make adjustments to car seat features in addition to the use of a lumbar cushion.
  • Carefully change your posture from time to time to prevent postural fatigue.
  • Take sufficient rest breaks to stand up and move around.
  • Choose a variety of car seat accessories that add to your driving comfort, including a travel neck pillow.


Choosing the Right Cushion or Pillow

Here a few factors to consider in order to get the best cushion or pillow suitable for you:

  • Make sure it is user-friendly and made with quality material that can withstand normal wear and tear of long-term use.
  • Look at the filling of the lumbar support. From air filled to gel or memory foam, choose the filling that offers the best customized fit for your back.
  • Check if the lumbar support is compatible with your car, and that it is not too soft or too hard. Its shape must provide optimal comfort, and it should offer proper air circulation.
  • Read reviews from other people to narrow down your options for choosing the best lumbar support product.


Our trained staff at Carmichael’s locations in Crowley, Lafayette and Lake Charles can assist with choosing the right lumbar support cushion or pillow for your needs. Contact us during our normal hours of operation for more information and to request assistance.

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