Several Ways Carmichael’s Pharmacies Can Help Older Adults

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Chronic illness and fall-related injuries lowers the quality of life for older adults and contribute to the leading causes of death among them. Carmichael’s Pharmacy and Medical Equipment Services are here to help improve the health, function and quality of life for older adults.

Our local Pharmacy locations in Crowley and Lake Charles serve as a go-to for the aging. We offer retail, institutional and specialty pharmacy services. Both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work with local prescribing doctors to ensure proper dosage of medication to help patients achieve their health goals. Whether you need over-the-counter medication for a common cold, or your prescription filled, our pharmacy care team is experienced and highly trained enough to take care of your pharmacy needs.

Our Durable Medical Equipment (DME) locations in Crowley, Lafayette and Lake Charles offer home medical equipment supplies and services that include bath aids, mobility aids, oral nutritional products and more. We also provide a wide variety of home respiratory therapy equipment, supplies and services. In the era of COVID-19, more people are relying on mail-orders due to health concerns and fear, but Carmichael’s Crowley location can offer peace of mind with our in-house UPS shipping station. Certain products can be delivered right at the doorsteps of our customers’ homes.

Establishing a relationship with Carmichael’s Pharmacies and Medical Equipment locations come with distinct benefits that big-box pharmacy chains and online pharmacies cannot match. From personalized services to affordable products, to delivery options, here are more advantages of choosing Carmichael’s to provide your medical products and services, including pharmacy and home medical equipment:

  • Personalized Advice. Carmichael’s Pharmacy care team would know your personal health situation and would have the ability to make recommendations on everyday self-care that better fit your needs. They could help you refrain from purchasing over-the-counter medication that would interact with your prescribed medication. They could review your record, your medications, and your illnesses to choose the safest and most reliable over-the-counter medication for your needs.
  • Prescription Savings. Billing specialists are available for consultation and to satisfy your medical needs and will bill Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance for you. We often work with our customers to find the most affordable solution for their needs.
  • Customers can fill prescriptions online and through Carmichael’s Pharmacy app, saving time on everyday stops at various locations. Household, personal hygiene and more items are sold at our retail pharmacy locations. Our Crowley store also has a gift shop that allows our customers to find the perfect gift for an event or holiday while picking up their prescription medications. Think your pharmacist only handles prescription medications?
  • Compounded Medications. Carmichael’s Crowley Compounding Pharmacy customizes medications in various forms for the individual needs of patients with compounding. If a certain formula is not working for a patient, or a particular dose is needed with or without a certain filler, pharmacists can often compound those medications with a doctor’s prescription.

Carmichael’s Pharmacies and DME locations offer much more than just pharmacy and medical equipment supplies and services. We offer local relationships with the communities we serve. This hometown advantage has allowed Carmichael’s to serve generations for generations. We are proud that our aging customers’ children and families now choose us for their pharmacy and medical equipment needs. If you are an older adult seeking a local pharmacy you can trust, choose Carmichael’s.

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