What to Consider When Buying a Neck Pillow

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Proper sleep is an important factor for maintaining good mental and physical health. Discomfort caused by neck pain can decrease the time and quality of sleep. If you have poor neck posture and support, you may experience neck pain and stiffness, headache and shoulder blade or arm pain.

However, a good neck pillow can reduce the level of neck pain and improve the quality of sleep. There are a wide variety of pillows available on the in various materials, shapes and sizes, so determining which pillow is best suited for your particular needs may be a little difficult.

Factors that Affect Sleep

Factors such as illnesses, sleep apnea, caffeine, alcohol, uncomfortable bedding and heavy meals before bed affect sleep movements. The way you sleep, the mattress and the bedding also make a difference in the pillow you need. Pillows that use varying heights and have specific areas for side and back sleeping may be a good option.

Soft or Firm Pillow?

When shopping around for a good neck pillow, your preference of firmness is important. A firmer pillow is a good choice for chronic or long-standing neck pain relief and can help improve posture and neck curve problems. However, it is not as comfortable or as accommodating as a softer pillow, which is generally a better option for pain relief in acute problems that occur frequently.

In some cases, you should alternate from a soft pillow to a firm pillow as your condition progresses or improves. A gel foam cooling pillow is another option. It uses a cooler technology in soft memory foam to control and release heat buildup, providing support for the neck and helping to keep your head cool.

Displacement and Supportive Pillows

Neck pillows come in two categories – displacement and supportive. Materials such as memory foam or water are used in displacement neck pillows. This type of pillows conforms or displaces to accommodate the head and neck during an existing or acute condition.

Supportive neck pillows made with resilient foams and fibers help support the neck while gently cradling the head. They are best used for chronic problems and to help prevent conditions from recurring.

Check Reviews, Know Basic Features

Finding the right neck pillow can be confusing due to many options. When searching for the pillow that will meet your needs, check the reviews from other consumers. However, don’t solely rely on reviews because you don’t know the reason behind them, especially the bad ones. There are some basic features of neck pillows that you should learn to minimize buying a product that you won’t like.

Purchasing Your Pillow

Proper sleep is essential to your overall health and lifestyle. Preserving the normal curvature of the neck is also important. If you’re shopping around for a neck pillow that will satisfy your needs, contact or visit a Carmichael’s location. We carry high quality, reputable neck pillows and a selection of additional sleep aids.

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