Choosing the Best Hot, Cold Gel Pack for Your Needs

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If you are looking to purchase a hot/cold gel pack for pain or swelling relief, make sure that you choose a quality product. Hot/cold gel packs come available in many styles and varieties. On this post, we’ll give you a few tips to help you choose the best pack for you!

Set a budget

Hot/cold gel packs are usually inexpensive, so you can purchase one at a reasonable price. You may need to compare prices and make a final decision if you plan on buying several gel packs.


Make Sure the Product Can Do Both

Don’t assume that the product you’re buying can be used as both a hot and cold pack. Many gel packs on the market are only suitable for cold use and go in the freezer. You will damage the product if you heat it up. Read the product description to see if the gel pack is built for hot and cold therapy.


Pick the Right Size

The size of the injured area determines the size of the pack you need. If you are searching for a product to provide pain relief for your ankle, knee, neck, wrist or muscles and joints, a small to medium sized pack should do the trick. If you’re looking for something that will speed up healing in your wrist, make sure your pack can wrap around your whole wrist. If it’s your neck, your pack should cover your whole neck area. If you need to treat a larger surface area such as your back, quadricep or neck, look for larger hot-cold packs. Using a pack that is too small for an affected area will not provide optimal treatment results.


Consider Disposability and Portability

Hot/cold gel packs come in disposable and non-disposable varieties. If you include a hot/cold gel pack in a first aid kit, it should be an “instant” product that be used immediately. If you plan to keep a hot/cold gel pack at home, use one that requires intensive cooling in the freezer or heating in the microwave is suitable.

Disposable, or instant, hot/cold gel packs are best for occasions when several different people may have access to the same pack. A non-disposable pack is sufficient if you are the only person who will use it. To determine whether a hot/cold gel pack is of an instant or non-disposable variety, read the directions on the product. You also should consider if the pack is portable, can be easily carried from one place to next, or portability will be an issue.

Read Reviews

Before you finally choose your hot/cold gel pack, read as many reviews as you possibly can. This will help you be sure that the product that you are purchasing will deliver exactly as expected.

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