Most Used Mobility Aids and Accessories

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Mobility aids are designed to help people who have disabilities or injuries, and older adults who are at increased risk of falling, move around better. These devices promote confidence and self-esteem and enable users to enjoy more independence. Carmichael’s locations are one-stop shops for a range of mobility aids and accessories, especially the latest additions to the NOVA line of canes, crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs.


Canes are ideal for people with minor balance or stability concerns, injury and pain, or leg or trunk muscle weakness. They support body weight and require more effort from the upper body. Cane users can choose from stylish, fade and chip resistant folding, single point, quad cane options and more.

NOVA SugarCane Models


Crutches are used singly or in pairs by those with short-term injuries or permanent disabilities. They are not often prescribed for the elderly because they require upper body strength. People who use crutches after an injury or surgery must have them fitted for the correct height and be trained on how to use them safely before they leave from their medical provider’s facility. Fleece covers are available to make the use more comfortable.

NOVA Crutches and Fleece Cover


Walkers can be used daily for longer, safer walks or as needed for extra mobility support.  They come in a variety of sizes, folding, adjustable, hemi and wheeled options. Rollators benefit those who have limited arm strength. They have wheels or glides on the base of the legs to slide the walker, eliminating the need to lift it.

NOVA Walkers



Wheelchairs are prescribed for people who cannot walk or put weight on their lower limbs. They also are used by those with severe disabilities and individuals who cannot walk for a great distance. Wheelchairs come in a variety of sizes and with multiple optional attachments.

NOVA Wheelchairs

Patients who have a mobility issue, either temporary or long-term, can benefit from mobility aids available at all Carmichael’s locations. In addition to these assistive devices, we carry a selection of mobility accessories that include stylish mobility bags, durable walker baskets and trays, walker and wheelchair cup holders, seat and back covers, cushions and more. Contact or visit a Carmichael’s location to discuss mobility aid needs, request additional information, or purchase items.

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