A Lightweight, Portable Oxygen Respiratory Concentrator

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Live Active Five® Portable Oxygen Concentrator

An individual who has a severe or chronic pulmonary disease and a low level of blood oxygen may benefit from a portable oxygen concentrator, which can make breathing easier and support an active lifestyle. The medical device receives air, purifies it, and then distributes the changed air to the user.

Carmichael’s locations offer efficient portable oxygen concentrators such as the lightweight Live Active Five® brand by Precision Medical and complementary supplies and services. Designed for use on the go, the Live Active Five® portable oxygen concentrator boasts features such as a one-touch start, easy-to-read digital display, and pulse flow settings from 1- 5. It also has an auto breath safety feature, and a single lithium-ion battery that provides six hours of runtime. The top-loading design of the device enables the user to quickly change the lithium battery while the device is still in the carry bag.

The Live Active Five® portable oxygen concentrator also comes with a custom carry bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and handle that allows the user to comfortably wear the device on either side of the body, or cross body. The bag’s strap prevents it from accidentally unhooking from the oxygen outlet. The carry bag strap has a soft padded cushion to help ease back and shoulder pain, and it keeps the unit’s screen and nasal cannula front-facing. The device also has a built-in Concentrator Performance Information (CPI) Technology powered by Bluetooth to track the device’s activity and identify problems during the device’s lifetime.

Live Active Five® Portable Oxygen Concentrator and Accessories

The Live Active Five® portable oxygen concentrator promotes independence for oxygen respiratory therapy patients who can participate in everyday routines and physical activities. The device also can withstand normal wear and tear and is suitable for travel. A physician’s prescription is required to purchase a portable oxygen concentrator, and some items are sold as cash only. In addition to the Live Active Five® brand, Carmichael’s locations offer a variety of other home respiratory therapy equipment, supplies, and services to accommodate different budgets. Our customer service representatives can assist patients with making an informed purchase during normal business hours.

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