Prevent Spring-Cleaning Injuries: Products and Tips

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Spring cleaning projects will be in full swing with warmer weather in the forecasts. Indoor and outdoor tasks will become priorities on “honey-do” and to-do lists. Unsurprisingly, mishaps around the house. Rushing and not following proper safety precautions can cause injuries.

Before you jump into spring cleaning projects, check out several products available at Carmichael’s locations that can help prevent spring-cleaning injuries and make your work a little easier to do.

The PikStik Reacher can help you retrieve or put away items safely without heavy bending, straining and stretching. Its durable and lightweight design make it ideal for many household tasks. From indoor to outdoor use, its sleek shape allows access to hard to reach places. This handy tool is hygienic and also eliminates discomfort or wrist injury.


Step up and reach items in cabinets and on shelves with a NOVA Step Stool with Hand Rail. This item has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. and comes with skid resistant rubber tips and step bas. Its hand rail provides extra support and safety.



Release muscle tension throughout the day with NOVA’s exercise squeezer. Simply squeeze and release the object about 10 – 20 times in a row and then rest for several minutes before repeating each set, which also improves wrist strength. Use the item while you relax, so it can relieve stress.


If you experience low back pain and discomfort while spring-cleaning, you may benefit from the NOVA back cushion. It comes with a reusable hot/cold pack insert that is ideal for hot or cold therapy on your lower back. It provides support and healing comfort and has an adjustable strap to secure the cushion to a chair.

Once you’re ready to begin safely tackling your spring-cleaning projects, make a written list of all chores you want to complete. This will help you organize and prioritize tasks. Exercise proper techniques for bending, carrying and lifting, and spread out your projects to minimize pain and soreness.

Further reduce your risk of injury with a warm-up before starting any task. Consider the following light exercises:

  1. Walk for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Do calf and hamstring stretches gently.
  3. Sit and stand from a chair 10-15 times.
  4. Lay on your back and move your hips from right to left 10 times.

The following tips will further help prevent injuries:

  • Separate your feet and bend your knees when you are lifting objects. Do not lift anything that is too heavy or has an intricate shape. Maintain good posture with your back straight and head up.
  • Use your body weight instead of your arms and back to push objects such as a lawn mower or wheelbarrow. To rake properly, place one foot in front of the other and keep a slight bend in your knees. Change the lead leg after 5-10 minutes.
  • Use proper tools including those that have extra padding and curved handles that put less stress son joints and muscles. The NOVA Step Stool allows access to those hard to reach areas when dusting.
  • Place ladders used for chores on a firm, level surface, not on ground or flooring that is soft, uneven or wet. Do not over-reach or lean too far to one side when working. Use the PikStik Reacher instead.
  • Avoid prolonged digging, planting, trimming and pruning when gardening. Take breaks and switch up repetitive motions. Wear gloves to protect the skin and reduce blistering.
  • Read product labels for proper use and wear protective clothing and gloves when using chemicals. Store all chemicals at the appropriate temperature, which is usually indicated on the package, and place out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and keep muscles loose. To avoid fatigue and risk of injury, do not tackle all of your tasks in one day. Change tasks throughout the day to prevent repetitive strain on certain muscle groups. Pace yourself, take frequent breaks and rest when you feel your body is tired.

If you experience minor aches and pains when spring-cleaning, Carmichael’s locations also have hot/cold gel packs and over-the-counter creams that help reduce pain and swelling. Visit or contact one of our convenient locations in Crowley, Lake Charles and Lafayette for product availability and pricing information.


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